Seven weeks have past since Zaina died. She is on our minds every day and it is still strange to see the empty spot on the couch were she mostly stayed the last months.

Early december we where informed that Thyrza, Zaina’s sister, also died. The two boys of this litter passed away some years ago so now they are all gone…a strange feeling an idea. I still can remember their kitty time with us so well. It wasn’t an easy littter and we had zero experience so it was a hard time. But they all made it and gave their later families so much love and happiness, they will never be forgotten.

Yara with her first litter; Chipo, Djemo, Zaina and Thyrza. Together again after 15,5 years…

But as they say…life goes on…..and we are lucky to have Ganna to coninue the line of Yara. Ganna is doing very well but he has changed from boy to man in the last month. He is still such a sweetheart but his hormones now tell him he wants a love affair. He looks at his mother and Verona in a different way now and that makes all three a bit stressed. So we keep Ganna a bit more seperated now from them which he accepts very well. Lucky for him he can stay with Noortje in one room, she knows how to handle his amorous ambitions 😉 . Verona was finally in heat again last week but a litter doesn’t fit in our planning for the next few months so she and Ganna will have to wait untill spring.

Ganna and Verona early november, watching the deer around the house

Kallima catching the late autum sun in the kitchen

Suddenly, a bit by suprise it started snowing on November 19…and quite a lot, almost 30 cm in 24 hours! Specially the youngsters Ganna but above all Verona loves it! The cold doesn’t seem to bother her at all, she is outside for hours.

Ganna overlooking the transformation from green to white

30 cm of snow

Playing time in the winter chalet

From wigwam to igloo 😉 Didi is not a big fan of the new decoration

The couch is more her favourite these days 😉

With the sun the effect is magnificent, specially in the forest

After today the snow will start to melt so we are not sure of a white Christmas. We’ll wait and see.

Despite of the difficult and huge expensive time for many of us we wish everybody a merry Christmas and a wonderful, happy and healthy 2023.