Not unexpected but still very sadly we had to say goodbye to our sweetheart Zaina.

We knew winter would become very difficult for her because colds are influenced by the seasons, and it was clear that Zaina’s problem increased again since autumn started. In my last post I wrote that we would hope for the best, but inside I knew better…

Over the course of October, we saw further deterioration in her well-being and it became increasingly clear that we had to let her go soon. As the antibiotic treatments early this year did not, or only briefly, help and at the same time were quite taxing for Zaina, restarting with it was no option. She also started to lose some weight, for the first time since we arrived in Sweden.

October 10, the last day that she enjoyed the sun

In the last week of October we contacted the vet in Hogsby to help Zaina. Unfortunately euthanasia here is only done in the clinic. That made me very sad because we prefer to let our animals go in their familiar environment, but there was no choice. On Friday 28 October we drove with Zaina to the clinic where she breathed her last at 15.00 pm. I consoled myself that she had felt me untill her last moment.

Zaina about half an hour before we went to the clinic. She suddenly posed for me this way. Her face shows the fatigue and that she’s not feeling well, but it also still shows her strong personality

Zaina was born in my hands, and she died in my hands. 15,5 years were in between….We are very sad but also grateful she was there for such a long time, and most of the time in good health.

She wil be remembered as the most social cat we have had. Zaina was social with everone; congeners, the kittens who were born here, the dogs, visitors….Zaina had no problems with anyone, and nobody ever had a problem with Zaina. When a kitten from outside the cattery was introduced Zaina immediatly cared about the new resident to make them feel comfortable.

Verona as she arrived last year august. After the first introduction to the house and one or two cats I always give them a rest in the bedroom because they are tired after the trip and all the new impressions. But Zaina always insisted on staying with the new resident to comfort her. I loved how she did that. Not pushy, but just being there ❤ .
Zaina loved the kittens who were born here. As she got older she didn’t play with them but she was often near them…and helpful when needed 😉
She also was always good friends with the dogs

Zaina was also our cuddliest cat ever. Of course all Somali’s are very people oriented but Zaina was VERY people oriented and cuddling was one of her first necessities. Untill she was about ten years old this cuddling was also during the night when she insisted on sleeping half over my face. I finally had to stop this because it was just too much. Finishing my diner beside her was also impossible, she just couldn’t wait to ‘attack’, she just had to cuddle…

Dear Zaina, a few days ago you returned home, as ashes… We reunited you with your beloved mother Yara who left us much too soon in 2011.

Dear ones, we will never forget the two of you. You have brought us so much, we could never have imagined when we decided in 2006 to adopt a Somali female, Yara.

Rest in peace sweethearts ❤ ❤