Jumanah’s Ganna Guarini
Ruddy Abyssinian (Var) male, breeding cat
Day of birth: 09-09-2021

With Ganna (named after cycling champion Filippo Ganna) we have a new male in the house after many years. He’s is a son of our Didi and Abyssinian male Aylife Kotor of Lovely Asta. Ganna is an Abyssinian variant which means he shows short haired, but he has also the gene for the longer Somali hair (from his mother)

Ganna is very sweet, affectionate and lovely boy. He’s always around me and loves to hug a lot. He’s very social with the other cats, and always very happy. He also has a very good appetite ;-).

For his future we hope he and Verona will have kittens in the summer of 2023

Tests Ganna:
Patella luxation: left normal, right normal
PRA rdAc gentest: normal
PKDef gentest: normal
Bloodtype: N/N
FeLV and FIV: negative
Giardia and TF: negative