As I write this we live in a house full of cardboard boxes again, less than one year after the last time. We are ready to leave Sweden and ready for our next step in Austria. And ready to finally feel some spring! Even in the very southern part of Sweden where we live it is actually still winter. Snow still comes and goes, and we haven’t really had that spring feeling untill now on any day. It is one of those things of Sweden, the winter is very long…

Yesterday morning even Didi seemed to think…when wil this stop 😉

We have had some ok days, but the temperature has not yet reached 10 degrees this year. But tomorrow it seems to happen!

Ganna enjoying a sunny moment in march

So the house is fully packed again. Of course the cats all were very helpful as expected 😉

Verona checking what’s this all about

The youngsters don’t seem to have stress already but I notice that Kallima and Didi get nervous when I am packing. They get restless and I have to give them some extra attention to make them feel comfortable again. Cats don’t like changes…I feel so sorry for them that they have to go through this again, and a two days ride to their new home.

Sweet Didi ❤


Noortje seems to be very relaxed about everything untill now

I can’t wait to see them all happy again in the new garden. I hope we can make it save for them within a few months. The coniferhedge is perfect, the fencing will be out of sight for the neighbours, so we can do it as we like 😉

And also I can’t wait for myself to go and finally see the house, garden, village, mountains….looking forward to it a lot!