On June 23 we arrived fully packed in Sweden. It was a beautiful welcome at the Oresund Bridge ❤

It had quite been a logistic challenge with the cats and dogs but everybody arrived save and in good condition, even our eldest Somali girl Zaina. She is 15 and I was worried a lot about her before this trip because she hadn’t been well since early this year, and in April it even looked like she would leave us forever. But she recovered surprisingly and she amazed me again after the long trip from Holland. Meanwhile her situation is a little less but still pretty ok.

Zaina felt relaxed so quickly….

Our dogs where impressed buy the new view 😉

My husband John visited the house several times this winter, but for me it was the first time. But I liked it immediatly, it looked exactly like I’d seen it on the many pictures I had and I loved the atmosphere of it.

A few days later our stuff arrived and than the house became our home. The cats where spoiled with two new cat trees 😉 :

They ‘adopted’ this one very quickly

Not everybody is still sure about this giant tree, but sometimes it takes more time…specially for spoiled cats of course…

The coming weeks and maybe months we still have a lot to arrange according to our emigration, but we also try to enjoy the wonderful weather we have had mostly untill now. And, there’s also plans for our first litter in Sweden. Verona is almost in heat, she has to wait untill the next one, probably by the end of July, and than she and Ganna can go on their honeymoon 🙂 . I’ll keep you posted…

Verona and Ganna